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The Prop Firm Challenge – Practice What You Preach

Taking the test in our Trader Funding Program

Trader funding program, Funded trader, trader funding,

As CEO of Forex Analytix and Co founder of the Trader Funding Program, I take our products and services very seriously. These are services I use every day for my trading and analysis, but I also have to make sure they are right for our customers.

Why did I take the funding program assessment?

With the launch of our prop product it was important for me to understand exactly what our traders would be facing in the assessment, so I took one myself. Well, I actually took two as I failed the first one (you’ll find out why in the video).  I’m pleased to say that I passed the second assessment and it was quite a fascinating journey.

What surprised me?

I’ve traded funded trading – or “prop” – before and I consider myself a mature and experienced trader, so I thought the conditions for passing the Trader Funding Program would be pretty easy and fair for anyone. Although I do think the process is fair especially in teaching proper risk management and teaching traders to “grind” out profits, what I was not prepared for is facing adversity like I did personally.

Fortunately, we give our traders an unlimited time to pass an assessment (as long as you place 1 trade a month to keep the demo account from going stale) therefore you have time to get through your personal trials and tribulations, should they come your way.

How might my experience help you?

I’ve detailed my journey in this video so that you can see what happened exactly, how I dealt with certain challenging situations, and what changes I had to make to my regular trading patterns and mindset in order to pass the assessment. Here’s a list of every single trade I took, and how my P&L progressed during the assessment.

Blakes Trader Funding Program trade performance

The way I passed the assessment doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the way everyone will, or should pass it. However, I do hope that my experience will give you a solid foundation to become a funded trader too.

If you have any questions about this video, or any on any aspect of the Trader Funding Program, feel free to get in touch with us. This is part of a series of blogs and videos from users of our funding trader program, which we hope will enable you to decide if this program is right for you. Part one of the series is about trader Nick of Jupiter, who has passed several assessments with the Trader Funding Program. You can catch his video on our first post in the series, Is our Trader Funding Program right for you?