US Yields: Possible For Move Down 3% Rather Than Back To 5%

In the years following the economic reopening after COVID-19, U.S. Treasury yields surged as inflation spiked significantly.


Australian Dollar Breaking Out of a Downward Channel; Bullish for 2024

Commodity currencies have been demonstrating robust strength, notably outperforming the Euro (EUR) and British Pound (GBP) since November.

Interpreting the German-US Yield Differential: A Harbinger for EURUSD Movements

In todays article I will look the difference between German and US bond yields can give us hints about where the Euro-Dollar exchange rate might be headed.

Silver’s Awaited Breakout: Navigating Market Dynamics and Patience

Today, I want to talk about silver because it’s one of the things that everyone expects to break higher.

10 Year US Yields: Final Leg In A Bullish Sequence?

The USD has recently demonstrated an upward trend, after higher inflation data last week but still below 3.3% expectations y/y.

uk storm

UK Inflation and COT Data Shows Potential Resistance For The Pound

Up until now this year, the pound has made significant upward progress, continuing its recovery that began in September 2022 after a massive capitulation, pushing it to levels not seen since 1985 at 1.05.

Technology Sector in Corrective Setback Within Uptrend – Elliott Waves on Nasdaq100

The USD experienced a strengthening last week while stocks faced a decline, which was influenced by Powell’s statement suggesting the possibility of raising interest rates once or twice more this year.

Bearish Reversal On USDNOK Can Be Supported By Higher Crude Oil Prices (Elliott Waves)

Crude oil is demonstrating efforts to stabilize following the recent FED rate decision, exhibiting intriguing intraday support around $67.00 per barrel throughout the week.