A Glance at $ACLS and the Journey of Superconductors

Axcelis Technologies, Inc. is a prominent player in the semiconductor chip manufacturing industry, specializing in the production of capital equipment.


On the Road to Recovery: The Story of the S&P500 During Global Recessions

In previous decades, financial markets also faced turbulent periods and sharp declines due to global economic and political events.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: A Closer Look at Price Patterns

We seek to understand the likely future direction of BTC and pinpoint significant support and resistance levels by analyzing a variety of price patterns.


Navigating Gold’s Price Dynamics: Insights into Daily Support and Positioning Strategies

I examine the current status of the gold market and project possible price changes using technical tools.


$URA Technical Analysis: A Flag Pattern, Fractal Support/Resistance and Eventual Harmonic Patterns

The URA (Global X Uranium ETF) is an exchange-traded fund that monitors the performance of uranium businesses.

Analyzing the Potential Impact of CPI Data on SPX500 and DXY

CPI y/y reflects the percentage change in consumer prices compared to the same month of the previous year.

crude oil andre cardoso

Crude Oil Technical Analysis: Potential Bullish Alt-Bat Pattern

In this technical analysis report, we will examine the current state of the crude oil market and identify potential bullish and bearish scenarios.

O que esperar do mercado de ações brasileiro nos próximos meses: insights do índice Bovespa

O índice Bovespa é um indicador-chave do mercado de ações brasileiro, com uma história marcada por altos e baixos.

The SPX500’s Technical Analysis: What You Need to Know Ahead of the FOMC Meeting Announcement

A quick technical analysis look at the SPX500 ahead of today’s FOMC interest rate analysis.


Gold Price Analysis: A Look at the Past and Future Prospects

Gold is a precious metal that has been used as a store of value and a currency for thousands of years.