The USD showed the potential to breakdown against many majors

The USD (DXY) has been range bound for months, and mostly this is a product of many cross currents in the markets. Equity market volatility, weakness of fundamental data globally stating to seep in, the FOMC looking to be at the end of their hike cycle, China and US trade war brewing, and the list […]

Chart of the Day -Precious Metals- (Dec. 19th 2018)

Both popular precious metals (gold and silver) posted key reversal days today.

Chart of the Day -USDCAD- (Dec. 18th 2018)

The USDCAD rallied to new highs for 2018 as crude oil pushed below the $47 level today.

Chart of the Day -CADJPY- (Dec. 6th 2018)

The CADJPY held key support today. This was horizontal support and also trend line support spawning back from 2016 as well.