Chart of the Day -EURUSD- (March 7th 2019)

The EURUSD has finally cracked the multi month range lows and seems to be breaking lower (finally!) to test the 127% extension of the last rally.

Chart of the Day -USDSEK- (Feb 4th 2019)

The USDSEK is not a currency pair that Forex Analytix commonly follows, but at times it is worth noting.

Chart of the Day -DXY- (Jan. 30th 2019)

The US Dollar has given up ground today as the FOMC statement and press conference came off fairly dovish.

Chart of the Day -DXY- (Jan. 22nd 2019)

The DXY has developed an ascending wedge as we stall near the 50% retracement of the last move lower.

The USD showed the potential to breakdown against many majors

The USD (DXY) has been range bound for months, and mostly this is a product of many cross currents in the markets. Equity market volatility, weakness of fundamental data globally stating to seep in, the FOMC looking to be at the end of their hike cycle, China and US trade war brewing, and the list […]

Chart of the Day -DXY- (Nov. 29th 2018)

The US Dollar Index, or DXY, is at triangle support after nearly testing the 61.8% long term retracement the last couple weeks.

Chart of the Day -CADJPY- (Nov. 20th 2018)

The CADJPY has been range bound for about the last 30+ trading days, but broke lower out of the range today.

Chart of the Day -USDSEK- (Nov. 19th 2018)

The USDSEK is not a currency we cover at Forex Analytix, or a currency pair I trade much. However, it does represent a pair I personally follow for a specific reason. Sometimes, the pair can be a leading indicator on what we may see in the broad USD Index.

Italy and the European Union: Danger Ahead or Plain Sailing?

With Italy frequently dominating the headlines in the recent weeks, it’s a good idea to take a macro look at the Eurozone: its origins, some aspects of its structure, and what dangers it might face in the near future.