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What Next, Chairman Powell?

What Next, Chairman Powell? This week will be an important one, with Fed Chairman Jay Powell testifying before the Joint Economic Committee in Washington DC, followed by Nonfarm Payrolls on Friday.

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US Inflation Surprised to the Upside – What Next?

US Inflation Surprised to the Upside – What Next? This month’s most important economic data release was arguably yesterday’s US CPI, and it surprised to the upside.

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Is the Central Bank Train Coming to a Halt?

Is the Central Bank Train Coming to a Halt? It’s been a significant start to the year, with continued central bank action and market volatility.

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Making Sense of Central Banks in 2023!

Central Banks & Markets Update Q1 2023 Markets in 2022 were mainly characterised by central bank tightening their monetary policy, but in 2023 it looks like these hiking cycles may be coming to an end.

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The Markets vs. the Federal Reserve

It’s been an ongoing theme for the past weeks, this “fight” between the Federal Reserve and the markets.

Will the Fed end 2022 with a bang or a fizzle?

The month of December is often a very big trading month. It’s the last month of the year and that brings with it a whole host of trading patterns we need to keep watch for. Firms can close up some/all positions to book year-end profits, and central banks issue their final monetary policy announcements for […]

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The Federal Reserve vs. what the Markets are Pricing

Following months of monetary policy tightening, the world has now firmly placed its focus on when the Federal Reserve will finally “pivot” to a more neutral stance.


Bond Yields Still in the Driving Seat

Since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, yields had hovered around zero for over a decade, for most developed countries.

Let’s Talk About Precious Metals and Miners

There’s been a lot of talk around precious metals lately, and it’s an asset class that needs to be examined closely due to its historical nature.

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