Technology Sector in Corrective Setback Within Uptrend – Elliott Waves on Nasdaq100

The USD experienced a strengthening last week while stocks faced a decline, which was influenced by Powell’s statement suggesting the possibility of raising interest rates once or twice more this year.

Bearish Reversal On USDNOK Can Be Supported By Higher Crude Oil Prices (Elliott Waves)

Crude oil is demonstrating efforts to stabilize following the recent FED rate decision, exhibiting intriguing intraday support around $67.00 per barrel throughout the week.


Gold Eyeing New Supports For a Bounce – Elliott Wave Analysis

Last week, the US CPI exceeded expectations with a reading of 5.0%, resulting in a weaker US dollar (USD) at the beginning of the week.


EUR/USD: Pair Moving Into Key 1.08 Resistance Ahead of The FOMC

Over the past week, the value of USD has been declining due to bank liquidity issues, starting with Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in the US, and followed by Credit Suisse.

Crude Oil is Trapped in a Range, But Clock for a Breakout is Ticking

Crude oil has been volatile since start of the year, but only within limited important levels.

US Dollar Blog Post

Correction On USD Has Room For More Gains – Elliott Wave Analysis

We have seen a major reversal on the markets in the last few weeks, firstly after the strong US jobs data for January and then also more dollar strength followed after worse-than-expected US CPI figures.

US Dollar Blog Post

USD Trading In Fifth Wave Ahead Of The FED Rates Decision

Traders have been waiting on this week for a long time, a week of volatility and opportunities as central banks will most likely move the markets.


Aussie and China Stocks Looking Positive Going Into 2023

At the start of the year I like to scan through some of the higher degree charts to check the main trend, and to get an idea where markets can be headed in 2023.

2021 Market Outlook

The market outlook for 2021