Thank you all for your overwhelming participation!

The ForexAnalytix team wants to thank each and every one of you for participating in our Giveaway and sending us your trading setups. We value your contribution and we appreciate every email of the dozens we received. Each of us had to vote for only 3 entries, giving 3 points to the 1st, 2 to the 2nd and 1 point to our 3rd choice. After adding the points we ended up with 7 winners (we had announced that there would be 6 but we had a tie for the 6th place). Without further ado here are the winners and the comments they received from the F.A. members that voted for them:

1st Place: Matt (@el_duderinooo)

“What can I say? 6 monitors, the market is in the middle. Seems like the center of his universe is the markets. Oh, were you looking at the AR-15 or……?”

“Stylish desk, love the pillars and the wood.”

“Everyone wants to keep money safe, and life too. I like the FA mouse pad!”

“Full marks for keeping your concentration while watching all that content in your screens! Extra points for the mouse pad.”

“Matt’s trading setup is great from every perspective (number of screens, comfortable desk, Bloomberg terminal) but the reason I voted for that was 99% the fact that it made us laugh for a good 10’. A++ for his great humor. “

2nd Place: Eric (@epos159)

“Eric gets top marks for his dedication to the markets wherever he is. Extra marks for showing our mobile app!”

“When you are in FX business, you will be trading it from everywhere, even from work. We have all been there!”

“Eric proves what being devoted to a purpose means. You can’t stop this guy from pursuing his goals and his love for the FX market is well known to the community. 2 Mobile phones and his day job’s work space is all he needs!”

3rd Place: Douglas (@DougieMack)

“I love the simplicity of Doug’s setup. It’s a minimalist setup and he only uses what he needs. Apparently, he’s given his son some “beer goggles” which may actually improve trading. I think I need some!”

“So stylish! I have the same chair. Love the desk and mid-century vibe. Cool retro lamp too.”

“Is that bottle of vodka on the table? That’s good to stay calm when trading while kids are around!”

“A nice, clean office, an efficient trading setup but the very cute toddler is winning all the hearts. A future trading prodigy perhaps?”

4th Place: Miguel (@Cacique3421)

“Excellent setup, nice compact screens and a lovely picture of what’s important.”

“Eight screens to make sure eye catches everything that moves. I love black as well, coffee I mean, which is always on my desk too.”

“I like the black background, it’s easy on the eyes. Very clean and comprehensive station.”

5th Place: William (@VCPRESSTARTNOW)

“This guy has it all! Go William!”

“Trading and music, the best combination when analyzing markets. They have many things in common: harmony, highs & lows, and you have to get the flow right. William seems to be hitting all the high notes!”

“Romance, love and pips!”

6th Place: Dilyan (@DilyanKrastev) & Ryan (@rtnorth)

“Dilyan was my #1 pick. The most important setup is your trading plan. This is super mobile also.”

“Simple set-up on small desk for big profits.”

“Simplicity, it’s like my setup. You’ve clearly found something that works well for you.”

“If you can watch 38 charts at the same time, you are a winner! Really impressive and clean geometric station.”

“This was a close one, I loved it and the view out of the window too.”

“I like those small chart windows to keep an eye on every market possible. Have the same set-up!”

Winning Prizes:

Each of the winners of our Giveaway will receive one of our Forex Analytix grab boxes that includes 1 ForexAnalytix hat, 1 mouse pad, 1 coffee mug and the ForexAnalytix Original T-Shirt! Matt as the 1st winner will receive in addition the grand prize, a set of all-silver trading dice!