Are US Equities Near a Major Direction Change?

Last week’s Nonfarm Payrolls print – and the subsequent market reaction – made me think about US equities and how their behaviour has changed over the years following the 2008 global financial crisis. Let’s first take a step back and remember how things used to work prior to 2008, regarding the relationship between economic data […]

Chart of the Day – NZDUSD – (October 3rd 2019)

The Kiwi has shown a lot of divergence on the RSI in the last month as we traded to new 52-week lows.

Chart of the Day – USDJPY – (October 2nd 2019)

The big rejection at the 108.50 level came following the very poor ISM Manufacturing data yesterday as the pair slid into key support today at the 107.00 level.

Chart of the Day – DXY – (October 1st 2019)

An ascending wedge is a bearish setup by definition. However, the instrument is not actually bearish until we break the lower trend line of the wedge.

Chart of the Day – EURUSD – (September 26th 2019)

The EURUSD looks set to test the 109.00 level overnight, but traders should be aware of the longer term descending wedge which has held as support since 2017.

Chart of the Day – USDNOK – (September 18th 2019)

The USDNOK faces a rate decision where the Norges Central bank is set to meet and possibly hike rates! Analysts are about split whether or not we get a rate hike, so whether they do (or not) and the follow up guidance could spur the next move.

Chart of the Day – GBPNZD – (September 17th 2019)

A popular currency pair in our Forex Analytix member chatroom today has been the GBPNZD and how we are coming into some key resistance.

Chart of the Day – CADJPY – (September 16th 2019)

The news over the weekend about the drone attack of Saudi Oil fields put a significant bid in the oil market, and that translated to a bid in the CAD respectively.