Chart of the Day -ETHUSD- (Nov. 26th 2018)

One of the most dangerous mistakes a trader can make is “catching a falling knife.” Or when prices continue to drop to look for places to be long.

Chart of the Day -GBPUSD- (Nov. 23rd 2018)

The GBPUSD looks to be in a long term consolidation that may carry us through December as the UK parliament will vote on the BREXIT deal ahead of the Christmas holiday.

Chart of the Day -CADJPY- (Nov. 20th 2018)

The CADJPY has been range bound for about the last 30+ trading days, but broke lower out of the range today.

Chart of the Day -USDSEK- (Nov. 19th 2018)

The USDSEK is not a currency we cover at Forex Analytix, or a currency pair I trade much. However, it does represent a pair I personally follow for a specific reason. Sometimes, the pair can be a leading indicator on what we may see in the broad USD Index.

Chart of the Day -GBPNZD- (Nov. 16th 2018)

Traders have witnessed the tremendous selling pressure GBPNZD has suffered from, following all the BREXIT headlines and negotiations over the last few weeks.

Chart of the Day -NZDUSD- (Nov. 15th 2018)

The NZDUSD has had a relentless bounce higher the last couple weeks and we are now testing the underside of the broken multiyear trend line and also the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the 2018 low to high range.

Chart of the Day -AUDNZD- (Nov. 14th 2018)

The AUDNZD is testing the lower end of the triangle that has been forming since 2015, but you could really argue since 2013.

Chart of the Day -Crude Oil- (Nov. 13th 2018)

Crude oil has fallen quite dramatically in the last few weeks and over 28% from the 2018 highs set in October.

Chart of the Day -EURUSD- (Nov. 12th 2018)

The EURUSD has broken the key 1.1300 support and is at fresh yearly lows. We have a long term head and shoulder’s pattern, which if completed, could take the pair back towards parity.