More downside for the EURUSD?

The fall in the EURUSD has been breathtaking the last couple sessions, as today we closed well below the 200dma and the daily RSI, which still pointing lower, has reached oversold. However, since we carved out a lower weekly high, we could have further to go. The 161% extension of the May 5th lows to the May 24th highs comes in at 1.1815. This also coincides with the 78% retracement of the March 30th lows to May 24th highs. Just below that We have what may be a support trend line which could be a triangle consolidation.  If you think the EURUSD slide may be over and are trying to pick up at this key 1.1900 level, the confluence of the 161% extension and 78% retracement may be a magnet.