Get on board our US NFP competition

Go into the summer with free access to the Forex Analytix Platfrom

It’s summer and time for our US Non-farm payrolls competition. Three lucky winners will get a free month’s access to the best trading community around.

What does one have to do to win such a great prize?

All you have to do is pick what you think the US NFP number will be 4th August 2023, and place it in the comments on the tweet of this post.

The rules:

  • You pick a number as your guess for the Friday NFP number – 1 guess per person
  • First person who picks a number gets it (you can pick another number if your 1st guess is taken)
  • Closest to the number wins. In the case of a draw or split, the person who entered first by time gets it
  • Place your guesses in the replies on the tweet of this post only (@forexanalytix)
  • Entries in by 12.29:59 GMT Friday

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  • Chatroom with news, research (inc Spanish speaking chatroom), and live trading room, where over 100+ intraday traders chat each trading session.
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  • Super-fast live data releases
  • Daily key interbank FX order levels and updates
  • Full daily Forex option expiries and barrier report
  • Commentary and recent charts, formations and setups.
  • PIP (Pattern In Play). Where technical patterns identify potential moves.
  • Live market squawk integration
  • Top financial research
  • Web based platform with desktop notifications
  • App for mobile devices and tablets which offer push notifications when new analysis is posted or when key levels are broken.
  • Live (private) webinars exclusively for Forex Analytix members throughout the trading day.
  • Live charting
  • Money Management tool

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Have a go, and best of luck!!

The Winners Circle

Well, some fine guessing from you folks this month. Lots of guesses in and around the 170-190 mark, so it was a close run thing.

However, there can only be 3 winners, and here they are;

1.chris @skybluchr (nail on the head) 187k

2.Mike @MikeBergMM 188k

3.Alexandre Janeiro @N1njaWarri0r 190k

A special mention to our very own Blake @PipCzar, who far from missing the nail on the head, usually misses the nail altogether. In fact, the hammer often comes out his hand and goes through the nearest window 😂 He called 189k so, he gets bragging rights in FA towers. As for my proprietary model, it shouldn’t have carried the 1 🤭

As always, thank you all for playing and we’ll be back again next month.