Chart of the Day -AUDUSD- (Jan. 31th 2019)

Since the AUDUSD rallied from the late North American session selloff from a couple weeks back, the rally has stalled at the 200DMA.

Chart of the Day -DXY- (Jan. 30th 2019)

The US Dollar has given up ground today as the FOMC statement and press conference came off fairly dovish.

Chart of the Day -USDNOK- (Jan. 29th 2019)

Back on January 3rd, we blogged about a smaller time frame USDNOK head and shoulder pattern developing, and now a longer term one is taking shape.

Chart of the Day -USDJPY- (Jan. 24th 2019)

The USDJPY bounce may have stalled at the 50% retracement as we are building as ascending wedge.

Chart of the Day -EURGBP- (Jan. 23rd 2019)

The EURGBP is about to trigger a double top pattern as we test the 88% retracement on the daily chart.

Chart of the Day -DXY- (Jan. 22nd 2019)

The DXY has developed an ascending wedge as we stall near the 50% retracement of the last move lower.

Chart of the Day -AUDJPY- (Jan. 17th 2019)

The AUDJPY spiked past resistance and tagged the 61.8% key Fibonacci retracement and also the channel resistance.