A quick technical analysis look at the SPX500 ahead of today’s FOMC interest rate analysis.

Introduction: FOMC Meeting Announcement and SPX500 Technical Analysis
The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is scheduled to release its economic projections, statement, and decision on the Federal Funds Rate today. This announcement is a crucial event for traders and investors worldwide, and it could significantly impact SPX500’s technical analysis.
Current Status of SPX500 and 200-moving average on 240m Chart
The SPX500 is currently trading at 4k and facing the 200-moving average on the 240m chart. Many traders and investors are eagerly watching to see whether the SPX500 will trade back to the bottom of an ascending channel or break out above and move toward the weekly fractal resistance at 4194.
Fractal Levels for SPX500 and Importance for Traders and Investors
Looking at the fractal levels for the SPX500, we can see that there is daily resistance at 4075, 4h resistance at 4012, and 4h support at 3867. Additionally, there is daily support at 3806 and weekly support at 3763. These levels are essential for traders to keep in mind as they watch the SPX500’s movements leading up to and following the FOMC meeting announcement.
240m chart
Potential Impact of FOMC Meeting Announcement on SPX500’s Technical Analysis
The FOMC meeting announcement has the potential to significantly impact the SPX500’s technical analysis, depending on the committee’s decision regarding the Federal Funds Rate. Currently, the Federal Funds Rate is at 4.75%, and the forecast is that it will increase to 5.0%.
Factors that Could Cause a Negative Impact on SPX500’s Technical Analysis
If the FOMC decides to raise the Federal Funds Rate, this could potentially cause a negative impact on the SPX500’s technical analysis. A rate hike could cause the SPX500 to trade back towards the bottom of the ascending channel or even break below the 4h support level at 3867.
Factors that Could Cause a Positive Impact on SPX500’s Technical Analysis
On the other hand, if the FOMC decides not to raise the Federal Funds Rate or if they provide a more dovish outlook, the SPX500 could potentially break out above the 200-moving average and move towards the weekly fractal resistance at 4194.
Conclusion and Advice for Traders and Investors.
In conclusion, the FOMC meeting announcement has the potential to significantly impact SPX500’s technical analysis. Traders and investors must pay close attention to the fractal levels and the committee’s decision regarding the Federal Funds Rate. It’s crucial to remain alert and adapt to any changes in the market’s direction as it unfolds.
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